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"Palm OS Newsgroup Access" 

Many of us carry around a Palm OS based device to help us manage our hectic schedules or
even to play a game. The individuals that get accustomed to these devices use them for so
many activities that they are often lost without them. By using Multimail Pro, individuals can add email and newsgroup reading to the previous tasks, getting even more value from their PDA. Currently in version 3.1, Multimail recently added the ability to read and post newsgroup messages both offline and on.

MultiMail Pro is the most complete email and newsgroup solution for Palm device users. It allows access to standard POP3 and IMAP email along with NNTP for reading and downloading newsgroups. MultiMail Pro even offers the ability to manage multiple accounts of each time so that if you have multiple email accounts or newgroup access accounts, you can have access to all of them at any time.

If you are a user of previous versions of MultiMail (prior to version 3) you will find a completely revamped user interface, something that was definitely needed. When youíre managing content on such a small screen, you need to be very careful to maximize its use. Palm now owns MultiMail and they were very careful to make it easy to access everything with a single tap. Other user interface features, such as unread messages being in bold, also help to make this a very useful and easy to use application. In fact, with the ability to sort via subject, sender or date, you will find the application works almost like your desktop counterpart.

Typical email applications for the Palm have been very difficult to set up, a process that can leave even advanced users feeling intimated. Again borrowing from desktop applications, MultiMail uses a Setup Wizard that walks you through the necessary steps, thus simplifying the setup. If, on the other hand, you prefer to enter your account information manually, you can choose to do so.

As was previously mentioned, you can use multiple email accounts, 8 to be exact. Itís a feature that also allows you to track a number of newsgroups as well. The accounts can come from any combination of traditional POP3, the standard used by most ISPs, IMAP which is being used more and more in corporate environments and NNTP for newsgroups. With version 3 and above, you can receive messages that have as much as 2MB of data. This allows you to have access to various types of attachments such as HTML files or even Palm executable (PRC) files.

MultiMail Pro uses a unique way of handling email attachments called Plugin Players (PIP). A Plugin Player (PIP) is a type of Palm 'codelet' that has been developed to handle a specific type of email attachment. This is very useful, especially for newsgroup access, where you will be confronted with many types of attachments. This is also interesting because with the space limited on most PDAs, you can install only the attachments you need, leaving as much as possible for your downloads and other applications.

With its large number of features, MultiMail Pro is hands down the leader among Palm OS applications for reading newsgroups and email. It has a set of features that are nearly as good as desktop applications and, at under $40, is a must have for Palm OS users. You can obtain the software or get additional form its web site at http://www.actualsoft.com.

 - by Clayton Crooks

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