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"Posting to Binary Newsgroups" 

Recently, we’ve been spending a great deal of time looking at how to find binary posts, how to extract them, what software you need to repair them, etc. Now that you are accustomed to these topics, we’re going to turn out attention to the concepts of uploading to binary newsgroups. We’ll begin by looking at the tools that you will likely use to compress your binaries, and since you are posting them to a newsgroup, you will also need to split them up into smaller pieces.

Many people find that Winrar (or RAR) is their tool of choice. It can do the double-duty of splitting up and compressing the files in one easy to use package. If you do not have Winrar, you should get it from www.rarsoft.com. There is also a DOS version of the tool (RAR) but you should be careful in using it. It doesn’t handle long filenames although there is a DOS RAR file that is included with the Winrar installation and it does. If you prefer the DOS version, just make sure you are using the one that supports long filenames.

Open Winrar and locate the directory that contains the file(s) that you would like to post. Next, click on the Add icon that is located in the standard toolbar. Alternately, you can choose Commands | Add Files. Either way, it will open a archive name and parameters dialog window. This is where you name the archive and decide where you are going to save it. You can set the compression to best as this will make the smallest possible files. Choose Rar as the file type (it also allows you to use Zip) and then click on the Advanced tab. You should locate the Dictionary Size and make sure it is set to 1024K.

Next, go back to the original tab and set the volume size. Depending on the group you are posting to, there might be some standard sizes the group generally prefers. The amount you enter into Winrar is given in bytes by default. If you had a lower case k immediately after the value, it will assume you are using kilobytes (which are bytes x 1024) or M for megabytes. Click OK to create the archive of files. You will find the files are in sequence, with a single file containing a normal .rar file extension with subsequent volume extensions enumerated as .r00, .r01, r02 etc. These are the files you’ll upload to the news server.

From here, you can use your standard newsreader, or if you are looking for something that handles posting a little better, you can check out any number of binary autoposters such
as Ozum for Windows, Knewspost for Linux or YA-Poster for Mac.

 - by Clayton Crooks

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