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"“Ginger” Continues to Receive Attention"

A New Hampshire inventor named Dean Kamen has created quite a stir in the past few months. An invention he is working on, code named “Ginger”, has received an enormous amount of attention from the media and public since the story was leaked in January. While there have been many guesses as to the type of product Kamen is working on, a story in the
newest edition of Inside suggests that the invention could be more profound that was
originally anticipated.

During the first month, most of the media was reporting, on the basis of a drawing in a
patent filed by Kamen, that the device was a scooter. According to the vast majority of
engineering experts, it appeared that the device was not a standard type of scooter and
might even be a hovering scooter.

This would seem like a nearly unbelievable discovery and certainly would be something that
would be deserving of such a huge amount of coverage. Unbelievably, it appears that the
device could be something even bigger. According to an investigative journalist named
Adam Pennenberg in a report from Inside magazine, he has uncovered enough information to
suggest that Kamen is developing a Stirling engine.

A little information behind a Stirling engine will allow you to understand why this would
be so important. If anyone had the ability to create a small and relatively inexpensive
Stirling engines, the effects would be overwhelming. For instance, rather than electricity being delivered via the electric grid, as it is now, every homeowner could utilize a small Stirling powered generator to efficiently maintain their own dwelling. The engines are designed to run on heat and are very different from the internal-combustion engine that we are all accustomed to. While the design is what makes the engines so attractive, it is also their downfall as they are notoriously unreliable when changing speeds or warming up and are very expensive to produce.

The theory behind Stirling engines is longstanding. Many inventors and engineers have
worked tirelessly, and numerous times they felt as though they were getting very close to
achieving the ideal engine that could be mass-produced. Unfortunately, the engines are
very complicated and invariably, the projects have run into glitches that cause them to be

According to the report in Inside magazine, Kamen has registered a wide range of web site
domain names that by name alone would leave you to believe that the Pennenberg report is
correct. The domain names range from stirlingscooter.com to mystirlingscooter.com with
several additional addresses that all contain the name stirling.

While the initial hype attracted a great deal of attention, the general public has become
even more enthralled with the story as it has continued to make headlines. Pictures of
the scooter that are depicted in the Kamen patent application have been circulated
throughout the Internet. Whether the invention is a scooter, a Stirling engine, or a
combination of both, remains to be seen. According to most sources, Kamen will not
release any specific information about “Ginger” until next year. I, for one, will be
anxiously waiting.

  - by Clayton Crooks

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