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"Gameboy Emulation on Your PDA"

If you are the owner of a Windows CE based Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), you are
probably already using it for a multitude of business purposes like tracking appointments
or sending email. Although the devices are certainly designed with business in mind,
their color screens and excellent sound capabilities make them a viable solution for
gaming as well. There exist several good games for the CE platform, but none compares to
the cost or enjoyment of a Gameboy emulator called Pocket GB.

Because there are such a wide variety of games available for the Gameboy, its the perfect
type of console to emulate. The systems continue to be sold and are even more popular
than when they were first released. It is undoubtedly the most successful handheld gaming
system of all time. Its processing power is very limited and the graphics capabilities
are extremely simple, again making it the perfect target for emulator programmers. The
fact that the games were developed with a small play area in mind makes it the ideal
choice for PDAs.

Emulating systems has been a hot topic for the past several years. The emulators
themselves are legal, but the ROM images of games are another story as they are
technically copyrighted materials. In many cases, the company that holds the copyright to
these games could be out of business or you might have the ability to play the ROM image
on your PDA if you own the original cartridge.

For the Gameboy, there are freeware games that have been released to the public domain or
not-for-profit distribution. The legalization of ROM's is a very complicated issue, so if
you are uncertain as to the legality of a particular ROM, it's best to be on the safe side
and not download or use anything that might contain copyrighted materials. In fact, the
author of the Pocket GB emulator is quick to point out that he does not condone piracy of
copyright images and mentions some of the legalities on his web site.

Most likely, when you purchased a PDA, emulating a Gameboy wasn't a factor in the
decision. However, because of improvements to the hardware and software of the PDAs
available today, you can take along your favorite Gameboy games for those times when you
have a few moments during the day during rush hour traffic delays or while waiting for
an appointment.

The Pocket GB emulator may be the greatest entertainment program ever written for the
Windows CE platform. It is available from the Pocket GB Web site at www.pocketgb.com and
will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to your PDA. The cost of registration is under
$20, and a demo version is available. If you own a Windows CE device, you should
definitely check this program out.

  - by Clayton Crooks

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