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"The Beastmaster" 

In 1982, some people’s lives changed forever. A film was released about an outcast boy who
could talk to animals. Of course, from the title of this article, you know I’m talking about The Beastmaster.

Starring Marc Singer (“V”) as Dar, the adult Beastmaster, and Tanya Roberts (“That 70’s Show”) as the slave girl Kiri, this movie played on the viewers’ emotions. Emotions, the use of animals and a great storyline prompted two sequels and more recently, a television series on the WB network.

If it weren’t for the fans, there’d be no Beastmaster TV series today. You can post about this on the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.past-films. You can also feel free to post about The Beastmaster or this article on the newsgroup newsguy.writers.scificapsule . Yipes! Don’t be shy!

After a short Beastmaster film flashback, I’m going to hop right into what the fans think about the Beastmaster Saga.

Marc Singer mega-fan, Theresa Krakauskas, saw Marc at a science fiction convention in 1991
and again in year 2000. As quoted from her article in the “V” Souvenir Magazine: “Not one to gossip, a less than flattering account always involved ‘an actor who shall remain nameless.’ It seems that one nameless actor was somewhat belligerent toward the tiger (Kipling) who co-starred with Marc in The Beastmaster. The tiger, Marc was happy to tell us, got his own back by embarrassing said actor during a publicity shoot. Marc's obvious fondness for animals is one of the things that makes him special, and he told us how fortunate he was to work with the cat, and how gratifying their scenes were.”

This fondness poured off the screen and into the hearts of many. Let’s see what you have to say!

Holly "PinkHearts" has never seen the movies, just the TV series. Her favorite things about the show are the friendship between Dar and Tao and the action/adventure. Favorite character? “Dar, I love how he protects the animals, his friends, and strangers. If we in real life, were more like him, this world would be a uch better place. Not to mention, Daniel Goddard ‘Dar’ is one of my favorite actors!” Yes indeed! Visit the Daniel Goddard website at. If Holly was going to choose a character to play on the show, she’d choose “Arina, she is an awesome warrior!”

Julie Moncada’s favorite character was “Tao (TV series), but I am a sucker for the sidekicks. In the movie, I really like John Amos' character Seth, who was a great fighter.” What does Julie like the most about Beastmaster? “I like the element of the fantastic, that we can get swept away by our imaginations in a story. The settings themselves are great so it makes it all the more believable. Beyond that, there's the universal elements of friendship, love, adventure, overcoming hardships, etc.” Changes to the show? “I think the premise that was introduced with the first season still has some possibilities that were forgotten. Plus, I want Curupira to come back. Emilie de Ravin did a great job and it would be wonderful to have her and her character back on screen again.” And of course, Julie’s Beastmaster website can be found at http://mydlands.fanspace.com.

Laurie Allen runs the Daniel Goddard's fan club and co-manages the BeastMaster Fan Club. “I am a huge fan of the series, although I enjoyed the Beastmaster movie of 1982, but not the 2nd or 3rd movie (too hokey). One day, while surfing the channels, I came across the BeastMaster series and became instantly hooked,” Laurie says. Her favorite character is “…Dar from the TV series. Daniel Goddard gives his 100+ percent in presenting the character as a real person... not a super hero, but a man with faults, personality and charm. The first season's scripts didn't give Daniel's character enough lines, but his acting ability shined in those episodes that he did. Over the course of season 2 and 3, Daniel's lines and air time have increased tenfold. I'm thrilled someone realized the gem of an actor they have.” When asked what she would change about the show, Laurie chose a route not dealing directly with the script itself: “I would change the marketing. Tribune and Atlantis Alliance don't seem to advertise the show as much as they do their other shows, especially those created by ‘Gene Roddenberry.’ If BeastMaster was shown during prime time' like those shows, the popularity would increase.” Aside from being serious, Laurie does have a silly side to her! Here’s her response to the question about which character she’d like to play on the show: “I would love to be a demon or sorceress... all that power and mischief at my fingertips!”

Blair is a fan of both the movies and the tv series. Her favorite character is “…Tao, from the TV series. He is very smart and knows a lot of things about medicine and ancient knowledge. He is also my favorite because he is very brave to help Dar on his journey even though it has nothing to do with him.” Blair would make the series have longer running plot lines and , if she had the opportunity, she would want to be a new character, a girl named Talia Dawn, who would travel with Dar and Tao on their journeys.

Theresa Krakauskas, the above mentioned Marc Singer fan, would have Marc guest star more often on the series. Now, how’d we know she was going to say that?! “The few episodes I've seen of the series are pretty good,” Theresa continues, “but I find it weird to see someone other than Marc Singer playing the Beastmaster.” As for her favorite character: “While Dar tops the list [from the movies], I really enjoyed the detective team of Coberly and Bandowski from ‘Beastmaster 2.’ The drastic difference in their appearances made for good visual comedy and I loved Coberly's concern for Dar. I like that Dar continually puts the needs of others before his own. While Dar is a man of few words (at least in the films), his personality is multi-faceted and he can be very funny. His love for his animals also is very sweet.” Theresa tricks us in her answer to the question “If you could have a role on the show, either one that exists or a new character, which role would you choose?” Theresa doesn’t pick Dar! Read on: “I would love to play a female counterpart to Dar. Someone who is as brave and compassionate as he is, but can also help him to get out of trouble.” I personally think Theresa would be the one in trouble if she ever had a spot on the show .

So, whose lives have changed because of The Beastmaster? The fans, the actors, the writers, producers and everyone else involved in bringing films back to life via television. Let’s hope this show stays on for a while!

 - by Ilana Rapp

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